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Trap Selection

The unique design of the CLAM trap enables a replaceable valve and seat selection within the body of each model, and a range of valves and seats universally interchangeable in the bodies of all MK7 series traps.

Advantages To The Engineer Are:

  • One trap standardization for many steam plants.
  • Highest possible air venting from start-up through all stages of operation.
  • High discharge capacity with no increase in body size and no extra cost.
  • Initial cost reduction.
  • Minimum spares holding.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Simplicity of selection.
  • Full complement of spare parts



Body Material

Operating Pressures & Temperatures

Valve Sets Available



Forged brass

35-1720 kPa
at 208°C


A smaller trap for general purpose, jacketed and tracer line applications.



35-1724 kPa
at 260°C

C2, D2, G2, G2L

Corrosion resistant to most contaminated condensate and corrosive atmospheres.


A105 Forged steel

35-4137 kPa
at 400°C

C2, D2, G2, G2L

Maximum variety of end connections.
For higher pressure services.

MK7C/ 1000

F11 Forged chrome moly steel

at 566°C

G3, J3

Solves high pressure drainage problems Successfully.


Cast chrome moly steel

35-3103 kPa
at 343°C

F2, K2

The largest CLAM trap for use where extreme condensate discharge rates are encountered

Valve & Seat Selection


Fitted to MK2 general purpose traps for pressures from 35-1720 kPa where compactness and light weight is important.
Low capacity by general CLAM standards.


Low pressure, high volume condensate and air discharge.


Most commonly used valve and seat, because of applicable pressure range 35-1034 kPa.
Do not use over 1034 kPa unless condensate capacity demands.
Very high air discharge rating.


For pressures in the 1034 to 4137 kPa range.
May be used for higher pressures when extra capacity is required.
Do not use below 1034 kPa or air-locking may occur.


Low to medium capacity for pressures to 1034 kPa.
High air purging and fast heat-up capability.


For high pressure and super heat service to 10340 kPa and temperatures to 566°C.
Application-Turbine Manifold and main line drainage.
Fitted to MK7C and MK7C/1000 traps only.
Do not use below 3100 kPa or air-locking may occur.


Greater discharge capacity than the J3


Fitted to MK10B trap only for pressures from 35-3100 kPa.
Capacity rating of thousands of kgs per hour.


Greater discharge capacity than the K2